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We have come a long way since installing our first system in 2005. In fact, we recently past our 1000th install!  We provide a highly professional service for: Glass curtains, terrace enclosures, pool and terrace balustrades and all kinds of windows and doors in aluminium and UPVC to create new living spaces to enjoy the whole year round, and add value to your home or investment property.


We provide clients a first class professional service, from the first visit to your home for our free-no obligation chat, right the way through installation and finally, handover. We don't pretend to be a big company, in fact, it´s me and a trainee technician. I do the site meetings, give free advice, produce the quotations, obtain all the necessary licences from the local town halls, install the systems and handover the project. No third parties involved in our glass curtain service, just the best systems available and fitted to the highest of standards.

It's not by accident most of the local builders/so called "Glass Curtain specialists" offer a system manufactured by the same company, which is a low cost bottom weighted system, its the cheapest they can buy, using many Chinese components therefore more profit for them for doing nothing. Unfortunately, it means more problems for you and maybe your clients if you holiday let your properties. 

You only want to fit glass curtains once, you only have to look at our feed back on our FaceBook page: The Glazed Terrace Company to see that we are small enough to care but professional from start to finish. We do very little advertising, no radio ad´s and countless flyers in your mail box needed here to get business, in fact, we did our last leaflet post 5 years ago. Unlike some companies, the majority of our work comes from word of mouth and recommendations. Unfortunately, this is our achilles heel, we are always booked up a long way in advance. But I can guarantee, we are worth the wait! Personally, I would be wary of a company who can install at short notice.


Glass Curtains: The Glazed Terrace Style:

One of the first things we do when we start a new installation is to cut two parallel lines into the walls using a laser guided hand grinder which will give us the perfect vertical cuts. These lines are equal in width to the bottom and top rails. We then engineer cut aluminium  "U" section uprights to fit into these cuts. This is time consuming and very difficult to do correctly.

The reason why is to create a perfect structure for the end glass to sit against, with no gaps

which will let in wind, dust, insects and rain into your new room. We then use a product called "cementacola" this is a waterproof cement which we use to secure the aluminium in place and does away with the need to use silicone, which in-time will go brown and falls out!


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New "H" section strips available now!

After many years of development, the new type "H" section strips can  now being fitted to our new installations. They cut out wind noise and drafts and are very good for windy areas.

Please ask regarding prices, fitting and availability.

Glass Pool Fence and balastrades.



The Glazed Terrace Company have recently started to supply and fit the fantastic Kiano range of balustrades, pool fencing and handrails. It´s becoming a very popular option on the Polaris golf resorts. Removing the old fashion iron hand rail, which goes rusty and becomes expensive to maintain. Replacing it with glass and aluminum balustrade that not only looks modern and clean, it also stops a lot of the wind, so you can enjoy your cafe con leche el fresco.

Tile Restoration.

Due to popular demand, we have now started to offer a tile reform and restoration service. Along with the re-tiling of your terrace, we now have all the options covered to make your terrace a fantastic place to be!