Pool Fences & Balastrades.


The Glazed Terrace Comapny have recently started to supply and fit the fantastic Kiano range of pool fencing, balustrades and handrails.

Its becoming a very popular option on many of the Polaris golf resorts, removing the old fashion, ugly and rusting handrail and replacing it with a glass and aluminum balustrade that not only looks modern and clean, but it also stops a lot of the wind, so you can enjoy your cafe con leche el fresco!

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Buyer's Guide To Glass Curtains.

Because Glass Curtains are a relatively new product, probably been around for about 15 years now. I have decided to give you, the buyer, a guide to choosing your system and more importantly, the installer.

First, choose your installer wisely. There are many so called "specialists" out there, and really they are no more than builders trying to jump on the band waggon. Make sure the person who comes to your property to take measurements is the person who is going to fit it. I know lots of companies who claim to install glass curtains, but then give it to the cheapest firm willing to do a low-cost low-quality system and then give the builder a 10-20% commission.

Check-out the name of the system to be fitted, ask if there is a website, brand name, etc. A lot of systems are now coming from China and Turkey. You are going to get problems, very low quality, and no chance of a manufacturers guarantee and only a "builders" promise to put it right when it falls apart.

Many insurance companies now will only insure GC if they have a CE mark (Conformity of European Standard)

There are two types of systems: bottom weighted and top weighted.

We use to fit both, but now we only fit top weighted system, we feel this option has more extras. Although a little more expensive, it's worth that extra investment for magnetic catches to lock the doors in place when open. Ball bearing wheels for a smooth, effortless opening and closing action and a smaller bottom rail to reduce the chance of a tripping accident because the adjusting rail is on the top.

There are benefits to the bottom weighted system. Almost invisible felt joints between the glasses. Which we can now fit to the top weighted system. Plus, if you are installing on a badly built ceiling or wooden structure (a pergola, for example), it will not add any extra stress to these areas.

Ask the installer for client's recommendations and ask to look at a recent system install. Glass is the most popular material for home improvements at the moment. Unfortunately its also expensive. Choose your system and installer wisely. The money you think you are saving will be long forgotten when the problems start.

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