Pool Fences & Balastrades.


The Glazed Terrace Comapny have recently started to supply and fit the fantastic Kiano range of pool fencing, balustrades and handrails.

Its becoming a very popular option on many of the Polaris golf resorts, removing the old fashion, ugly and rusting handrail and replacing it with a glass and aluminum balustrade that not only looks modern and clean, but it also stops a lot of the wind, so you can enjoy your cafe con leche el fresco!

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Top weighted "V" bottom weighted.

The Glazed Terrace Company only fit high quality systems to the highest standards. We get asked a lot about bottom weighted "v" top weighted system. We fit both, but we recommend top weighted (from Acristalia & SunFlex) as its a lot better system and rolls on sealed ball bearings, clips into place when open and will not rattle in the wind.

The bottom weighted slides on teflon coated nylon strip, needs to be held in place with a fabric belt, and will rattle in high winds. But, having said that, the bottom weighted, fitted correctly and being a good quality system (aluminium fittings, fully adjustable and rubber coated guide wheels) from companies like TodoCristal and SunFlex will serve you well for many years, and save you a little cash.

But, can you cannot do this with a bottom weighted system!

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