Pool Fences & Balastrades.


The Glazed Terrace Comapny have recently started to supply and fit the fantastic Kiano range of pool fencing, balustrades and handrails.

Its becoming a very popular option on many of the Polaris golf resorts, removing the old fashion, ugly and rusting handrail and replacing it with a glass and aluminum balustrade that not only looks modern and clean, but it also stops a lot of the wind, so you can enjoy your cafe con leche el fresco!

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How not to do it!

The more and more Glass Curtains become popular and a beautiful solution for terraces that, for most parts of the year are unusable. The more so-called specialist (who are really builders) jump on the band waggon.

Unfortunately, I receive up to 10 phone calls a week from people who have gone for a builders knock down price and received a poor system installed badly which will not open or close.

The old saying goes, you get what you pay for, and its just the same when it comes to glass curtains. So many people have been miss sold a bottom weighted system, when, for a little more money, they could have had a top weighted system or a better bottom weighted system, which is fully adjustable for when the bottom nylon strips start to wear, and has rubber on the guilds that will not rattle in windy conditions.

As i mentioned in my previous post, cutting in the side aluminium is so important, most companies don't do it or do it badly.

The pictures below are from a system which has been fitted in the last 2 months. They made a mistake with their final measure and had to cut into the marble plinth to get the glass to fit, quite poor.

How not to do it!

How The Glazed Terrace Company do it!

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